Manny Pacquiao was in comical form this week at his press conferences with Adrien Broner ahead of their fight on January 19th at the MGM in Vegas.

A lot has been made about Broner’s weight coming into the fight with some suggesting recently he was close to 200lbs.

Keep in mind that Broner isn’t really a natural welterweight anyway and he has until January 18th on weigh-in day to make 147lbs.

He’ll make the weight alright but you have to wonder between now and then will at least half or the majority of his camp be focused on the weight loss.

While Pacquiao on the otherhand will be able to dedicate a lot of his time on boxing and technique work.

When asked about Broner’s weight by the media in LA — Pacquiao laughed and said:

“Well he’s a little bit fat. He need to train more and work hard for his fight!”

Indeed he does.

But don’t write off Broner completely in this fight.

If Pacquiao were to overlook him he could come unstuck very quickly.

You don’t become a four-weight world champion as young as Broner did without having plenty of ability.