Adrien Broner unleashed a verbal tirade today against upcoming opponent Manny Pacquiao at the second stop on their press tour in LA.

It has been well documented coming into the fight that ‘PacMan’ has various outstanding debts with the US government in the form of tax to the IRS.

That said, everything seems to be fine for Pacquiao to travel to and work (fight) in the US again as evidenced by this press tour and upcoming fight scheduled in January in Vegas.

That didn’t stop Broner from having a go however and getting racial with Pacquiao — as well mocking his alcohol consumption habits:

“He drinks Hennessy, he promote Hennessy, he f***** his money up with his taxes. If you ask me he’s a black fighter (laughs). Just know January 19th I am coming to win. F*** the money, like I said yesterday, I know I’m going to be victorious. I know they got plans but I’m letting you know I’m f****** them plans out.”

Pacquiao for his part was all smiles and you get the picture that he kind of expected some of this verbal bashing from Broner anyway.

What counts of course is the fight at the MGM in Vegas on January 19th and Broner knows he has quite a bit of work ahead over the holidays to shed some weight to get down to 147lbs (welterweight).

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