Adrien Broner appears to be taking this upcoming fight in January with Manny Pacquiao very seriously. There’ll be no Christmas turkey for him this holiday season one suspects.

That’s the thing that fans don’t see often times in professional boxing.

If a pro fighter has a fight in January or February there is no Christmas essentially for them.

They train right on through the holidays and it’s business as usual.

Broner knows that he’s coming into a fight with an older Pacquiao granted, but a highly motivated and rejuvenated Pacquiao which still at this stage of his career is a formidable man for any welterweight in the world to step in the ring with.

In many ways, it’s a fifty-fifty fight and for Pacquiao the opportunity of a Mayweather rematch afterwards means that he can’t afford to look bad in the fight really.

Broner has been notoriously up and down in his training and outside the ring lifestyle in recent years but it’s good to see him alongside Gervonta Davis here putting in the work.

Although boxing is the ultimate individual sport, having training partners even in workouts like this can give extra motivation in the gym to any athlete – or person for that matter: