One man in the same division and current world champion Keith Thurman is keeping a close eye on the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner fight in January.

Indeed, a fight against Broner could be likely down the line for Thurman with the two also being managed by the same guy – Al Haymon.

Speaking in a media scrum after the Fox app announcement this week, Thurman said:

“I think it’s a great fight for Adrien Broner and I also think it’s a great fight for Manny Pacquiao, especially with it being his first fight under Al Haymon. Pacquiao took a loss, took a victory and is coming back. He shouldn’t be in the ring with Keith Thurman. He shouldn’t be in the ring straight away with Errol Spence or Shawn Porter. I think this is a great fight for Manny Pacquiao and this is also a great fight for Adrien Broner. Adrien Broner gets a lot of criticism, every once in a while I’ll criticism too, but I did enjoy his last performance even though it ended in a draw. If Adrien Broner was to ever put respect on his name he’s going to do it by defeating Manny Pacquiao.”

Pacquiao vs Broner is expected to be formally announced very shortly.

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