It’s all kicking off in boxing at the moment. It really is. Big fights are trying to get made left right and centre. It was thought a clash between pound for pound rated Errol Spence and Mikey Garcia would happen next March but now there’s another offer on the table.

Queue Bob Arum of Top Rank to try to derail the fight from his rival and powerful boxing adviser Al Haymon.

Arum might be approaching 90 years of age but still has the fire to make the big fights and out do his rivals.

He wants Crawford to fight Garcia next and he wants Garcia to forget about a fight with Haymon fight Errol Spence.

Speaking on SiriusXM Boxing Radio, Arum said:

“That’s a great fight and we’ve said to Garcia, quit talking about fighting Spence because I don’t think that fight happens. Spence is a really big welterweight, more like a junior-middleweight. It’s too big a jump. Fight Terence Crawford (instead) because you’re the same size.”

He added:

“But we’ve offered him (Garcia) a Crawford fight. And we told him, hey, if you take the Crawford fight, we’ll still get you a Lomo (Lomachenko) fight as long as Lomo keeps winning.”

All of the fights mentioned above are top-notch really.

Hopefully one of them gets signed and made official soon.