All work and no play makes Deontay Wilder a…. Well, the WBC heavyweight champion looks to have been paying the price physically in the gym these past few weeks and has got himself a new toy to try to get away from things temporarily.

Fight camps as boxers will often tell you can be like ground-hog day.

The same thing every day, same time, day in day out, week after week.

Month after month in some cases.

Anything to break the boredom of the Spartan-like existence comes as a welcome at times and Deontay Wilder appears to have found his latest break away from training with this:

Looks like he was having quite a bit of fun there.

On a serious note, he’s probably right in the middle of the hardest time of his camp at the moment.

With a little over two weeks to go he’s most likely in final sparring preparations as he drags his body to hell and back.

With the fight on December 1st both guys will be looking forward to fight week at this stage.

A week where all the hard work is done and where the tapering down and healing process usually occurs before an explosion of heavyweight power come fight night.