If you’re looking for a little motivation today you’ve come to the right place my friend. Respected UK boxing trainer Peter Fury has summed it up nicely regarding what Tony Bellew must do tonight if he is to defeat pound for pound rated cruiserweight king Usyk.

For the first time since Usyk unified the cruiserweight title and before that Terence Crawford unified 140lbs, Tony Bellew will challenge Usyk for all four recognised world title belts tonight in Manchester in another undisputed match.

They don’t come around very often in boxing.

A feat that motivated Bellew in the first place to do in terms of choosing the fight in a bid to cement his legacy in boxing if he could pull it off.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius, Peter Fury has said the following:

If Bellew were to chip away at Usyk and somehow be able to wear him down and consistently tag him, it will be interesting to see how Usyk holds up to that type of fire power from a puncher as strong as Bellew.

Cruiserweight really seems to suit Bellew in the pro ranks and is in peak condition for tonight’s fight.

Many have written him off before and many are doing so again tonight too.

Time will tell. Not long to go now.