Much loved scouser Tony Bellew will bid to do the unthinkable tonight against Ukraine boxing phenom Oleksandr Usyk but as the weigh-in showed, the Liverpool man has given himself every chance at least.

People have written off Bellew time and time again but if there was a prize for the most passionate man in boxing, perhaps he and commentator / trainer Teddy Atlas would be up there.

But Bellew is a fighter and a former world champion of course.

He knows how to turn that passion into upsetting the odds when it counts in the ring.

At yesterday’s weigh-in an emotional Bellew pounded his chest after he made the cruiserweight limit and for the first time in the division and perhaps in his career, the usually soft around the middle Bellew actually had a slight six-pack.

Testament to how hard he has trained and dieted for Usyk more than anything. He’s certainly ready physically and mentally.

Indeed, it was the main thing fans have been commenting on going into tonight’s fight:

Here’s some of what fans have been saying for:

Bellew you’d have to think will need to turn this into a brawl right from round one.

If he stands back and lets Usyk box it will be difficult to win a technical battle.