Chael Sonnen Slams Floyd Mayweather’s TMT – The Money Team

Chael Sonnen Slams Floyd Mayweather's TMT - The Money Team

Well known MMA fighter and outspoken pundit Chael Sonnen has let rip at boxer Floyd Mayweather this weekend following the American fighter cancelling a planned fight in Japan.

Mayweather last Monday announced that he would face a kick boxer on December 31st of this year in Japan under a set of rules to be determined.

However, just two days later, he said there was no fight happening as he had been blindsided at the last-minute by the event’s organizers in Japan.

Here was his full statement on what happened in his view.

Sonnen for his part backed Mayweather up initially, thinking that a fight would happen but since the news broke that it won’t be Sonnen while speaking on his podcast has now let loose on Mayweather:

“One of the bigger embarrassments that Floyd has ever dealt with, whether he knows this or not, but was through the creation and the made up entity known as The Money Team which is Floyd Maywweather’s boxing promotion which simply does not exist. I can tell you guys that until I was blue in the face. I have begged for some of you to believe me when I tell you that there is no such thing as The Money Team. There is no office, there is no capital, there is no distribution partners, there is no poster department. There is no promotional company known as The Money Team.”

Either way, this has not worked out well for Floyd Mayweather. That’s three garbage announcements in a row.

Fighting Pacquiao (this year in December), fighting UFC champ Khabib and now this Japanese fiasco.

Floyd Mayweather who was once a genius of PR is starting to lose credibility with even his closest supporters now, things are turning into a PR disaster for him in recent months.

The credibility of his next announcement might not be taken serious by anyone unless he can prove it’s legit at this stage after the last three social media announcements.