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America Disturbed My Latest China Actions

Lineal heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury has clearly paid the price ahead of his upcoming world title challenge.

On December 1st Fury will bid to dethrone WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder after only two comeback fights following a near 1000 day hiatus from boxing.

During that time Fury ballooned in weight and most recently he’s said he’s now lost over 160lbs in a little over one year which is astonishing either way you think about it.

He’s literally lost an entire middleweight boxer when you break it down.

Ahead of his fight with Wilder Fury has achieved peak condition in his career to date as these series of photos convey:

Likewise Wilder has looked in remarkable condition too as he knows in his heart of hearts that he can’t afford to let someone as technically competent as Fury get into his groove in the fight.

Speed will be key for Wilder if he’s to win.

It will be up to Wilder to explode on Fury right from the first bell which no doubt Fury will be expecting.

There’s still three weeks to go too, so the hard yards will be between now and about two weeks time for both men as final sparring and intense explosive work comes to an end shortly.

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