This seems to becoming a more and more popular trend ahead of big fights in that fighters will come off social media entirely in the days and sometimes weeks leading up to a big fight.

Dead right too.

Any unnecessary distractions outside of what your focused on can waste previous, valuable time.

Bellew will now retire into his own world and begin to slowly but surely narrow his mental focus towards the brutal and vicious task that lays ahead of him on Saturday night.

Punish his opponent Oleksandr Usyk more than he punishes him. Simple as that.

That’s what he’s going to have to do, too.

Ultimately, in his heart of hears, he knows that he needs to stop Usyk inside the distance as his method of victory.

Realistically he’s not going to win a boxing match against someone as clever and technical as Usyk.

Bellew must make this a fight from start to finish.

Ahead of Saturday Tony Bellew has posted the following:

This weekend’s fight is thought to be the last of Tony Bellew’s career – win or lose.

Boxing is an emotional sport for those who it becomes their lives, Tony Bellew perhaps encapsulates this raw emotion more than any current fighter at the moment.

Expect him to put it all on the line and give every inch of his soul come Saturday night.