Earlier this week promoter Eddie Hearn and boxer Manny Pacquiao met prompting some to speculate that the two could be discussing still working with one another.

Up until recently Hearn was in contention to sign Pacquiao to streaming giant DAZN but Pacquiao ultimately signed a deal with boxing manager Al Haymon and plans to fight Adrien Broner next.

Then Floyd Mayweather later in 2019.

More than likely these two fights will be on Showtime pay per view but that didn’t stop some thinking he and Hearn could still work together after their meeting this week.

It turns out the meeting they had in London had no business really involved in it at all.

Hearn told IFL TV that:

“Nothing really. He’s fighting Broner. I met with their team, very nice people and that was just we were in London and we’d like to have a meet up. We weren’t really talking business. No (we are not signing Manny) he’s fighting Broner and then he’s fighting Mayweather. That’s what they’ve been told so good luck to them. The money he’s getting to fight Broner they better sell a lot of pay per view buys otherwise someone is going skint. A very nice man (was Pacquiao).”

He added:

“We had a little photo and had a little chat. It was more meeting with his operational guys. It was more of a social (meeting) really. It was just an honor to meet him. He’s a legend isn’t he.”

Pacquiao is expected to fight Adrien Broner next on January 19th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.