Ahead of his December 1st challenge against WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder one of boxing’s top trainers’ has been paying a close eye to challenger Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury has chosen to make Gennady Golovkin trainer Abel Sannchez’ gym in Big Bear California his base camp for training ahead of his December 1st showdown in LA.

Big Bear is known to have helped many world level fighters over the years reach optimal condition due to the considerable amount it is above sea level.

The school of thought being that working up there being so hard on the lungs makes fighters super fit and quick when they return to sea level.

Indeed, not many heavyweights usually base themselves up there – as it’s that tough going.

Speaking on BT Sports’ ‘No Filter Boxing’ show Abel Sanchez said of Fury:

“I can see why he beat Klitschko. He’s a very awkward, elusive, deceptive kind of guy. For a man of 6’10 he moves extremely well. He is so resourceful on the things he does and so deceptive. Deceptively fast and deceptive in his movements but deceptive in that you don’t really catch him with clean shots. You really can’t hit him. I think his biggest problem is he’s never really been in great shape. I think being up here in the mountains and getting that oxygen is really going to make a difference for him.” 

The fight on December 1st will be shown on Showtime pay per view in the US and on BT Sport pay per view in the UK.

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