Sugar Ray Leonard has made no secret over the years that he thought in his prime he would have beaten Floyd Mayweather. Now, he’s spoken about how he’d actually have done it.

Specifically what kind of punches and attacks to the body of Floyd, something people always thought was the best way to get to him.

It’s always hard to compare fighters from different eras but it’s something nonetheless that both fans and even fighters themselves can’t help doing.

Speaking on Fox Sports’ Undisputed program, Leonard said of a hypothetical fight with him and Mayweather:

“Absolutely (I would have beaten Floyd). I’m not saying that because I’m bragging but then again my mind-set as a fighter, as a champion will always tells me I could beat Mayweather, I could beat Tyson. That’s what helped be become the fighter I became.”

He added:

“There is no one way to fight Floyd Mayweather. He is that good. He is that talented. You walk in there with a plan but to execute it takes time. In other words you’ve gone to feel him out and see what he goes for. Body shots, I mean body shots. Floyd, no one could penetrate his defence. He was one of the best guys out there. I would say body shots.”

We’ll never know what would have happened ultimately.

Expect some reply to this from Floyd Mayweather over the weeks ahead.

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