Fans All Saying The Same Thing About Broner’s Warning For Pacquiao

Fans All Saying The Same Thing About Broner's Warning For Pacquiao

Adrien Broner declared he was ‘War Ready’ this week ahead of an expected showdown with boxing star Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao on January 19th.

It’s a crossroads fight in many ways for both guys, although much more is on the line for Pacquiao with a possible Mayweather rematch pay-day later in 2019 in the works.

Realistically, Broner could lose the fight and as long as he gives a good account of himself he’s still young enough to come back again.

But its been a tumultuous few years outside the ring for ‘The Problem’.

More than anything, he just needs some consistency with his training now and focus on what it was that brought him his fame and fortune – boxing.

Following a post during the week where he looked to have a small bit of the old passion for the game back, as testament to his handspeed on display on the pads, he warned Pacquiao that he is ‘War Ready’.

So far, though, fans are less than convinced: