Respected trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas feels Adrien Broner should not be written off against Manny Pacquiao.

The fight is expected to be formally announced in the coming weeks regarding a date and venue as both men now begin the early preparations for an expected January bout.

Speaking to Fight Hub Teddy Atlas said:

“I think that Pacquiao because of age, because of you know, time in the sport, you get to a place where you only have so much left. I think he’s at that place. What is it? How much does he have left? I can’t quantify that. I can’t tell you exactly what that is but I’ll tell you one thing – you didn’t get a true indicator of it in the (Lucas) Mathysse fight. Because Mathysse was empty in the tank on what we’re talking about with what’s left. He had nothing left. So you couldn’t really get a good handle on it, a proper barometer of it with that fight. So Broner is young enough, talented enough, physically strong enough, fast enough with his hands to present some problems to Pacquiao.”

The fight is expected to take place on January 19th in Las Vegas and should be confirmed shortly.

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