Is PPV Boxing In America On The Way Out After Canelo’s Move To DAZN?

Is PPV Boxing In America On The Way Out After Canelo's Move To DAZN

Canelo Alvarez, the biggest pay per view attraction in US boxing over the last few years recently moved to new streaming service DAZN for his fights in the US. What could the immediate and long-term implications be?

The first fight of his new 11 fight deal spread over 5 years worth a reported $365 million will see the Mexican boxing star fight Rocky Fielding at 168lbs on December 15th at Madison Square Garden.

For new subscribers in the US looking to join DAZN in theory they can watch the fight for free as opposed to having to shell out the usual $70-$100 for Canelo fights.

This is a game changer in itself but just before his fight, a more appealing contest to watch to the masses in the form of Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury will take place on Showtime pay per view on December 1st.

This fight for the WBC heavyweight title should do solid numbers but to compare that bout in terms of numbers to how Canelo’s fight will do will require us having to wait for the numbers to come out.

But it’s an interesting comparison in that in the same two weeks US fight fans will have a completely different way of watching and purchasing two fights involving big boxing names.

Traditionally fans vote with their wallets and it will be interesting to see the confirmed price point for the Wilder vs Fury pay per view.

You’d have to imagine it will not be as high as usual. Times a be changing, as they say.