Brandon Rios knows just how ferocious and quick Manny Pacquiao can be at his peak but coming to the end of his career now, Rios chimed in with his thoughts on the upcoming Pacquiao vs Broner fight in January.

Although Pacquiao is no longer in his prime and Broner has not been performing well for some time now, the fact the two are still big names in boxing has still evoked a lot of talk in the fight fraternity.

Brandon Rios signed this week with streaming platform DAZN and will take on Ramon Alvarez next month in Kansas as part of the first fight for him with the platform.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Rios said:

“You know what I think, Pacquiao will beat him. It depends on what Broner (turns up). I see Pacquiao beating him on points or maybe a stoppage in the late rounds. I don’t see the same Broner as the guy that he was once. I think (Marcos) Maidana took that out of him. I don’t see that him (a younger Broner) anymore.”

On advice he’d give to Broner:

“I didn’t beat Pacquiao so what can I tell him!?”

That’s why you have to love Rios, never one to mince words.

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