Towards the end of the youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson’s career a certain Irishman called Kevin McBride beat him and a great moment has emerged between him and Conor McGregor at last night’s boxing in Boston.

Tyson was well and truly past his best by the time McBride got to him but still, no one can take away the fact he beat one of the legends of the ring.

The folks at IFL TV YouTube (hat tip) caught the moment McGregor met the famous Irish boxer on Saturday night:

Great stuff.

McBride retired from the sport back in 2011 with a professional boxing record of 35-10-1 (29KO).

His win over Mike Tyson where he made the American boxer retire on his stool took place back in 2005 in Washington.

Nice to see he is still a big fan favorite in Boston by the looks of things.

As for McGregor, he continues to be linked with the boxing world but it is unclear if and when he will return for a boxing match at this time.

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