Former Manny Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank enjoyed huge success over the years with Filipino boxer Pacquiao and has wished him well since their parting of company recently. However, he’s not quite sure how a Broner fight will happen in January.

It is reported that Pacquiao could owe over $10 million in back taxes to the US government at the moment with any fight planned to happen on US soil needing that figure to be cleared first or some agreement reached.

Obviously a large amount, Pacquiao will not be able to work in the US without it paid firstly.

That said, he could fight outside of the US under his own promotional company again in somewhere like Europe or Asia for example.

Speaking to Fight Hype and other members of the media, Bob Arum thinks January could be too soon to stage the Broner fight in the US:

“We had nothing for him and he has a big problem fighting in the United States. So I hope he has something and I hope something materializes so we’re going to have to see. You know, obviously he’d like to fight Mayweather again. Mayweather now says he doesn’t, so we’ll see. I don’t know will they be able to solve the tax problem in time? That’s up to them but whatever happens I wish him the best of luck. A tremendous warrior and whatever he’s doing in the future he deserves.”

Pacquiao has tabbed January 12th as the date he wants for the Broner fight.