Promoter Eddie Hearn who promotes on streaming service DAZN has responded to comments from Mayweather who laughed at Canelo’s new deal with DAZN.

Canelo did a $365 million deal this week with the platform to be spread out over 11 fights and 5 years.

Impressive by most people’s standards.

Mayweather came out and took some of the headlines away from him however yesterday when he taunted both the deal, Canelo and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya.

Speaking to The Ring Digital, Hearn said of the comments:

“It’s Floyd isn’t. Floyd’s a freak really in terms of what he’s achieved, in a good way. His earnings. I’m not sure he’s ever made $365 million in one night and if he did he probably gambled it away in a couple of weeks. But look, Floyd’s an excellent businessman.”

He continued:

“Whenever someone hates on someone I always sort of ask the question why? You know. So if you’ve earned all this money and you’re the trail blazer and a record breaker why would you be bothered by what someone else is earning? You know. I’m a big believer that you should wish on people success. I think his comments are more with Oscar because he seems to have this big beef with Oscar and it’s going back and forth.”

He went on to say:

“What Floyd’s earned will never be repeated in my eyes. What you earn doesn’t always mean you lead a happy life. It doesn’t always mean that you’re content with your life and you never know the full story, maybe he’s (Floyd) a very unhappy person? Maybe he’s a very lonely person? Or maybe he’s really happy and sits there counting his money every night? I don’t know. I don’t take too much notice. Instagram is Instagram. It’s not reality.”

Hearn was speaking ahead of this weekend’s action on DAZN at the TD Garden in Boston.

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