Eddie Hearn Makes Big Claim About Showtime’s Future In Boxing

Eddie Hearn Makes Big Claim About Showtime's Future In Boxing

Streaming service DAZN have pulled out all the stops today with the signing of Canelo Alvarez and other fights from promoter Golden Boy Promotions.

Inside their first month the DAZN platform has signed the two biggest stars in world boxing in the form of Canelo Alvarez and Anthony Joshua.

That coupled with a host of other content such as the World Boxing Super Series and Bellator MMA if that’s your thing.

Speaking in a media scrum at today’s press conference announcing Canelo Alvarez vs Rocky Fielding live on DAZN on December 15th, Eddie Hearn said:

“Forget pay per view. It’s done. It’s finished in America. This is the future. You’ve only got one pay per view fighter in America, Canelo Alvarez, and he’s gone (from pay per view).”

He added:

“I think Showtime have a very limited future in boxing.”

He went on to say he thinks Showtime will follow HBO and leave the sport, giving them 12 months left in boxing due to the money and power of DAZN and ESPN taking over the US boxing market.

Canelo Alvarez not boxing on pay per view anymore is a huge move indeed, one that could genuinely threaten the entire pay per view model of boxing and combat sports in North America.