Carl Froch Reveals How He Went From £50 Bank Balance As World Champion To 7 Digits Over Night

Carl Froch Reveals How He Went For £50 Bank Balance As A World Champion To 7 Digits

Before Carl Froch ever made it big in his career he was struggling like many boxers. That, despite the fact he had actually already become the world champion, believe it or not.

An incredible story of determination and perseverance in many ways, Nottingham’s Carl Froch has to be up there for one of the toughest fighters of his generation.

Although Froch did well early on in his boxing career and even when he won his first world title, he never got the recognition or compensation he deserved until much later in his career.

Towards the end of his career if anything.

In a remarkable interview on the ‘Pound for Pound’ podcast with Spence Oliver and Jake Wood (Max from East Enders) Froch revealed he was flat broke even after winning and defending his first world title.

He won the world title on ITV against Jean Paschal but revealed not long after that and his fight with Jermain Taylor that:

“I was kind of in no man’s land (after leaving promoter Mick Hennessy) got my WBC title. Beat Paschal, defended it against Taylor, sitting at home with 50 quid in the bank thinking this isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be? ITV had pulled out (of boxing). 2008, all the markets had crashed. Everybody is skint. Even Ant and Deck are not getting paid and they’re like the big duo. I ended up signing a deal with Showtime in America and I was guaranteed 7 digits and I thought, you know what, that will do me. Every time I fight I’m getting 7 digits and whatever happens – I don’t care. I’m enjoying it and making good money.”

Remarkable stuff.

After BBC and ITV pulled out of boxing Froch then signed with promoter Eddie Hearn and Sky Sports.

In the end, he finished his career in style with some huge fights on pay per view in the UK that culminated in a knockout win over George Groves in front of 80,000 (as he likes to remind us) at Wembley stadium.

A story that just goes to show, it’s not how you start out – it’s how you persevere and finish in the end.

Hats off Carl Froch.