Tevin Farmer Eyes Gervonta Davis Fight Ahead Of World Title Showdown

Farmer has a tough task on his hand this weekend in the form of Ireland’s James Tennyson for the IBF super-featherweight title but already has his eyes on other fights.

The main one being a much talked about showdown with fellow American Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis who at present, is in a bit of a conundrum without a strong relationship with his current promoter Floyd Mayweather.

Davis has made it clear recently he wants to break ties with Mayweather.

Farmer now boxes on US streaming platform DAZN after signing with Eddie Hearn and after Hearn recently had a strong offer turned down from Mayweather Promotions to stage a Farmer vs Davis fight, it’s unclear at the moment where they can really go from here.

Speaking today ahead of Saturday’s fight in Boston, while respectful of his fight against Tennyson on Saturday, Farmer couldn’t help but saying:

“I want to fight Gervonta Davis. I have a title, I have a great contract, so I don’t need him – but I must have that fight. There’s been a lot of talking but I am about handling business. We’ve talked enough, I want the fight so let’s make it happen. There’s no more ‘get a title’ talk, there are millions of dollars in that fight and it can be made, it’s one of the biggest fights in boxing. I don’t have to chase anyone, I’m the money out there now, get your ticket and I’ll pick it. The best want to fight the best and it’s got to happen. I am a fighter, that’s all I want, let’s leave the streets on the streets and doing the fighting in the ring.”

He’ll need to get past his fight on Saturday first though.