David Price Calls Out Lucas Browne – Browne Responds

David Price Calls Out Lucas Browne - Browne Responds

An intriguing fight in the heavyweight division if it were to happen between two men who although are not flying as high as they once were in their careers, can still punch as hard as most.

Both Price and Browne have the power to knock anyone out with one punch if they land.

Particularly Price.

But both men have come up short in the big moments in their careers over the years and find themselves in an almost quagmire now where they are contenders and quite some way off ever looking at a world title shot again.

That said, not everybody can be a world champion and there’s nothing wrong with being a top ten contender earning a living if a boxer wants to do that.

From a style point of view the two guys in question here would also make for an entertaining heavyweight scrap.

Indeed, Price is well up for it on his part:

Browne has responded with:

There you have it, don’t expect to see the fight anytime soon.