This Malignaggi and McGregor saga although most thought was over – is clearly not. McGregor despite coming off the back of two losses – just continues to get more and more famous. If he wanted a pure novelty fight again in boxing as another big pay-day, Malignaggi could make a lot of sense.

The story line between the two dates back to McGregor’s training camp for Floyd Mayweather where New Yorker and former world champ Malignaggi was drafted in as one of the chief sparring partners.

Since then various sparring footage clips were released showing Malignaggi in a rather unfavorable light but still to this day, the full tapes have never been released.

Malignaggi contends that if they ever do get released unedited in their entirety, the encounters they shared in a closed UFC gym in Las Vegas that is, that the public will see who really got the better of the spars.

Perhaps McGregor is just saving the tape for the fight with Malignaggi one day, he’s a clever chap is old Dub McGregor.

Indeed, according to his coach, a boxing match with Malignaggi is not out of the question per this article to which Malignaggi replied:

Obviously these two guys are not two of the best boxers in the world but would it sell?

Of course it would.

Furthermore, it would probably smash it all together and as a contest, you’d have to think it would be a relatively competitive boxing match between a novice pro and a former world champion.

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