Khabib Calls Out Floyd Mayweather After Conor McGregor Win

Khabib Calls Out Floyd Mayweather After Conor McGregor Win

The Russian UFC champion has turned his focus to the boxing world it would appear.

Since his win over McGregor there has been a lot of fall out pertaining to the aftermath of the fight that saw Khabib jump the fence and go after one of McGregor’s team.

As well as McGregor throwing punches and being attacked himself by members of the Russian’s entourage.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission have temporarily suspended both men pending an investigation and Khabib is at odds with the UFC over the treatment of his friend who was involved in the melee – with the organization set to ban the fighter in question and fire him from the UFC.

Khabib has said he will never fight for the UFC again if they do this.

Speaking on an Instagram video alongside Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, Khabib has now said:

“Let’s go Floyd Mayweather, let’s fight now. 50-0 vs 27-0. Two guys who never lose, let’s go, why not. In the jungle there’s only one king, and of course I’m the king. He cannot drop McGregor, but I dropped him easily, let’s go.”

Some may view this as a ploy to further make a disgruntled feeling between him and his employers at the UFC.

With McGregor now beaten, Khabib is the organization’s main fighter in many ways.