Both Khan and Brook are understood to be in ongoing negotiations for a mega fight in the new year but it would appear talks are not going totally to plan.

Both men fight for the same promoter and on the same TV network and streaming platform so in theory, logic would tell you it should be an easy fight to make.

Logic and boxing rarely if ever go hand in hand though, at least initially.

Money and ego can often cause fight negotiations to carry on for months, even years sometimes.

In this particular case, Brook has even conceded the weight advantage for Khan – in that he will move back down to welterweight for the contest.

Something he has always found difficult to do.

But as of yet, no deal or announcement. Why?

This could be largely down to the hold up in the announcement of Manny Pacquiao’s next bout as ‘Pacman’ has been linked with possible fights against both Brook and Khan.

That hurdle appears to be out-of-the-way nearly, though, as Pacquiao is thought to be facing Broner next up.

As soon as this gets made official Brook and Khan really have no other options but to fight one another next. Fans are calling for it at the moment and will be gutted if it doesn’t happen.

Brook for his part has unleashed a new personal tirade against his long time rival:

(Hat tip Michelle Phelps / Behind The Gloves)

Fighting words – as they say.

It is expected that the pair could fight in the Spring at some point.

Most likely at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

A venue that possess a retractable roof to guard against the possible harsh UK weather that can occur at that time of year.

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