It is being widely reported that Manny Pacquiao will face Adrien Broner this coming January and then Floyd Mayweather later in the year as part of a reported two fight deal signed with US boxing manager Al Haymon.

Andre Ward knows a thing or two about the boxing business and the crafty characters often at play both behind the scenes and out of front.

Speaking to Fight Hype Andre Ward said the Pacquiao vs Broner fight is purely a ploy directly from Mayweather himself:

“That will be a good fight (Pacquiao vs Broner). That’s the Mayweather blueprint. He’s been doing that for years. You put a young guy out there and see what happens. He gets an opportunity to sit ringside and watch both guys. They beat up on each other a little bit then the guy that comes out of the fight with the most buzz he’s goes in there and capitalizes on it, which is smart.”

He continued to say:

“But he’s done this before. He did this with Andre Berto. He’s done this before with Broner several times. He’s put Broner out there several times to see what the other guy was working with. Let me sit ringside, let me watch from home to see what Maidana is looking like. Let me see if Broner can get beat him.”

An interesting theory that certainly isn’t hard to believe.

No official announcement has come just yet however for Pacquiao vs Broner at this time.