De La Hoya Claims Account Was Hacked Regarding McGregor Tweet – Fans Sceptical – Another PR Blunder By Oscar?

Boxing legend turned promoter Oscar De La Hoya appears to be at the centre of another backlash from fans on social media.

De La Hoya comes in for a lot of harsh words from fans from time to time, a bit harshly in my opinion.

Okay, he’s made mistakes, have not we all?

Lets look at this from a purely boxing fan perspective for a second.

He has put on a serious number of good fights over the years to be fair – most recently another Golovkin vs Canelo fight, that as a spectacle, was outstanding to watch.

And, when he was a fighter, De La Hoya always delivered action in the ring himself (mostly).

But, this back pedal from his reaction to Conor McGregor’s loss has once again down like a sack of potatoes with boxing fans:

An onslaught has come in once again: