Adrien Broner is back in line to secure a big fight as the troubled but talented fighter looks to make another go of his career following another up and down year in and out of the ring.

Perhaps that’s what makes Adrien Broner who he is though.

His lack of consistency is something he’s always battled largely due to problems outside of the ring he’s had over the years.

But he’s still a multi-weight world champion and certainly a big name in American, and indeed world boxing.

He’s definitely not an old fighter either and you’d have to think if he landed a Mayweather or Pacquiao fight early next year that he’d be highly motivated for such an opportunity.

In theory.

He’s asking for quite the amount to fight either, though:

100 million seems like a huge stretch to be fair.

The idea that some think is being planned at the moment is Manny Pacquiao is going to sign with Mayweather and Broner manager Al Haymon.

So that Broner takes on Pacquiao early next year first before Pacquiao then takes on Mayweather in a potential rematch.

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