Alexander Povetkin came into last night’s fight at Wembley ready to rock and roll like he always does but ultimately it was the younger lion who proved to have that little bit more on the night.

Povetkin must have rattled Joshua early on and certainly got his attention after some eye-catching left hooks in particular.

The speed and angles he throws that shot from in particular is very deceiving and it looks to be hard to see coming.

Joshua managed to hold these shots well to be fair, despite in the very first round copping one cold.

As the fight wore on Joshua warmed up and showed just how tough a fighter he really is after battling through a bust nose (again) and flattening the guy in front of him who injured his nose.

After the fight Joshua conveyed some real class when he went back stage to Povetkin’s dressing room to thank them for the fight:

Fair play.

That’s what boxing is all about and a great moment to show any youngster thinking about taking up the sport.

As for what’s next, it looks like it’s back to the negotiating table for a possible Deontay Wilder unification (if the American beats Fury in December) next April.

Back at Wembley stadium.