Why Does Mayweather Really Want To Comeback For A Pacquiao Rematch?

Why Does Mayweather Really Want To Comeback For A Pacquiao Rematch?

I know what you’re thinking, money, right? Well obviously. But perhaps not in the way that might be thought about upon first inspection.

It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather has been the most successful boxer in history financially.

No doubt about that.

Heck, he’s probably the most successful sports star financially that ever lived – in terms of revenue generated.

But how much of that fortune has he spent?

Various reports have suggested that Mayweather has gone through quite a lot of it in his gambling and spending habits since beating Conor McGregor.

Of course, those reports are not confirmed, but his flashy lifestyle does make you wonder does he have to come back to get another mega payday to keep that flashy lifestyle going that he has become accustomed to?

Earlier this year one of his investments in a crypto currency went belly up when the founders of the company got into legal trouble.

He’s opened a new range of gyms, made more investments in places like Japan, so he’s obviously been spending quite a bit of his hard-earned money.

Why would he want to come back at 40 years of age in the first place if he didn’t have to?

He’s now said that he will fight in Tokyo before the end of the year but it will be a warm up fight before the Pacquiao bout.

No one really believes anything Mayweather says anymore.

In boxing terms that is.