There seems to be a school of thought out there that Anthony Joshua will go through Russian Alexander Povetkin with ease this weekend. Boxing history tells us time and time again however that thinking like that can often be catastrophic in this business.

Boxing isn’t a math test. It’s violent chess.

Sometimes, conventional logic has a funny way of being trumped by passion and intangible qualities like desire and heart.

That’s why we love this crazy old game, isn’t it?

The heavyweight division has always had that almost primal allure to humanity over the years.

Something about seeing the big guys knock one another out appeals to the masses and always will. Looking back over the years the heavyweight division has been littered with upsets.

These guys punch with enough force that would produce car crash injuries to the average man.

Alexander Povetkin this weekend is no mug, either.

He’s incredibly motivated for this fight and his ability and pedigree speak for themselves.

Those three attributes alone make him extremely dangerous on Saturday, a fighter not to be underestimated at all. His right uppercut and left hook will be the things Joshua will need to be cognizant of in particular.

The Russian knows if he were to win on Saturday his life could change forever back home in Russia.

From the people on the streets all the way up to the top of their government and private industry business leaders, they are obsessed with sporting achievement.

This pressure could take Povetkin to all together new level and make him fight out of his skin.

Underestimating him on Saturday would be a fools game.

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