Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 while still happening according to Mayweather, won’t be happening before the end of the year like he had previously suggested.

Instead Mayweather has now said he’ll take a warm up fight in Japan before he takes on Pacquiao in a rematch.

If he does, it will be the first time he’s boxed outside the US as a professional and the first time in a very long time he’s boxed outside of his hometown of Las Vegas.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Malignaggi said of the fight:

“Its going to sell. It’s a fight that’s going to sell. Yeah it’s going to sell. Casuals are going to buy everything. Even boxing fans. Oh, we don’t want to see that fight? Bulls***. I can tell you a lot of fights I’d rather watch but if they make the fight, what, I’m not going to watch it? I’ll probably work it! What am I going to do, you know.”

Time will tell what Mayweather’s next move will be.

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