Sometimes when something new is trialed in the sport of boxing there can be a lot of intrigue around whatever that might be. Ahead of the first fight on streaming giant DAZN this weekend – they’ve definitely captured boxing fans’ attention.

Having heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua’s fight against Alexander Povetkin as the first fight to be shown on their streaming platform was a smart move.

At just $9.99, with no fixed contract, meaning fans can come and go as they please, pretty much every American boxing fan who wants to see the fight this weekend will sign up with the first month being free.

The main thing that seems to have impressed journalists and others privy to testing the streaming app in recent weeks on a trial basis has been the interface, ease of usability and massive content library built so far.

Screenshots of what the app looks like shows why DAZN are calling themselves the Netflix of Sports. When people use it, they tend to like it.

We live in a world now where sports fans want to see their action constantly, both in a live sense and on demand if they are not there at the time of the event.

Traditional linear broadcasting schedules have not been able to keep up with this fan-driven time.

Just look at last weekend’s Golovkin vs Canelo 2 fight where fans had to wait around for nearly two hours after the undercard finished before the main event came on.

This was due to TV scheduling which did not cater to the fact fights could end early on the undercard.

You don’t have that in the live streaming world, however.

No linear broadcasting times to stick to.

Once an event kicks off, that’s it, its non stop until the end.

Boxing has finally caught up with the times and this weekend should prove to be a big turning point in the coming years for how fight fans watch their favorite fighters.