Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua has made some considerable changes coming into the Alexander Povetkin fight this Saturday.

Joshua has always been a big heavyweight who’s used a lot of weights over the years but lately he’s cut back on the weights in favor of more work in the boxing gym.

Speaking to Bulk Powders ahead of this weekend Joshua said:

“I don’t give out as much information in terms of my training. And that’s good as well as a lot of the training I was doing before was all based around hard work. And it was strategizing because even though I love getting strong and doing physical work, I was always boxing of course, but I was doing a lot of other stuff. I kind of showed that to the world because the general population go to the gym and train. They can train in their back gardens if they want. So I was always showing them that side. I never showed them my boxing.”

He added:

“I realized why coaches always tell me don’t touch weights they are no good for boxers because you need to have fluidity. I work on that a lot more now. The more you spend in the boxing gym or the more you spend in your office, the more work you are going to get done and the better you are going to get at your job.”

Focusing more on boxing technique no doubt is a smart move ahead of a fight against an excellent technical operator in Povetkin this weekend.