The new Joshua vs Povetkin Behind The Ropes documentary has been officially released and is available to watch below ahead of the big heavyweight title fight at Wembley stadium on Saturday night.

Povetkin and his team from Russia are on their way to the UK as we speak.

The weight and support literally of an entire nation is behind Povetkin.

His government and the country as a whole would love nothing more than to see a Russian knock a Brit out on such a big stage and become heavyweight champion of the world.

The Russians have always been a proud sporting nation and have produced some of the toughest fighters in the history of fighting.

Although Povetkin is now 39, boxing history has told us frequently in the past that heavyweights often do not mature until their mid to late 30’s.

Whether this is true for Povetkin remains to be seen but make no mistake, he’s still a very dangerous operator with a superb technical acumen, punch and pedigree.

Joshua is nowhere near as experienced as Povetkin when you compare the number of combined amateur and pro fights they’ve had in the grand scheme of things.

Ahead of the fight Sky Sports have produced this highly compelling Joshua vs Povetkin Behind The Ropes special feature.

An enjoyable watch and an interesting insight from Povetkin’s point of view particularly: