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In some exciting news today for the final of the World Boxing Super Series at the end of the month between George Groves and Callum Smith, Chris Eubank Jr will also fight on the card.

The card taking place at the end of the month in the middle East was already one to look forward to anyway but now further good news has come:

Talk about a super month for boxing.

Big name fighters are fighting more regularly than ever before with more platforms and networks than ever before giving them opportunities.

More boxing can only be a good thing.

There was a school of thought before that said you could over saturate the boxing market with too many fights but when you ask yourself, is there too much soccer, NFL, baseball, basketball, rugby and other main stream sports?

The answer is no.

Sports fans would literally watch their favorite team or athlete compete every week if they could.

Boxing should be no different as it is no longer a niche sport anymore.

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