ESPN commentator and respected trainer Teddy Atlas disagreed with the verdict tonight in the Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin rematch and almost lost the plot entirely in his reaction.

Live television often has its moments in sports punditry.

Controversial experts and pundits live in an age now with social media where remarks are more heightened than ever before.

Teddy Atlas is known to boxing fans to be a straight shooter, never shy to give his opinion.

But sometimes his emotions border on him losing self-control entirely:

That’s one passionate guy.

Here is the full segment in his and ESPN’s analysis of tonight’s fight:

Atlas was rumored to be getting removed by ESPN from these type of big fights after last year he told Australian Jeff Horn he thought he lost in his post-fight interview after winning of the world title against Manny Pacquiao.

Instead, Atlas’ star has grown bigger if anything.

People just love pundits who tell it as it is these days.

Brutal honesty really translates into entertaining and often insightful moments in the modern social media world we live in.

As for the verdict, one suspects that while it was not anywhere as controversial as the first fight there will still be enough demand off the back of it for fans to call for a part three.

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