Watch: Teddy Atlas Calls PEDs and Steroids Canelo’s ‘Friends’ and ‘Army’

Teddy Atlas has made some explosive comments about how Canelo weighed-in ahead of his rematch tonight in Las Vegas against Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas.

A lot has been made about the changed way Canelo looks this time around compared to how he did before the first fight a year ago.

He looked a lot slimmer at the weigh-in yesterday and looks to be built for speed and stamina ahead of tonight’s main event in Las Vegas.

Speaking to Stephen A.Smith live on ESPN on Canelo coming in lighter this time round, Teddy Atlas said:

“You did it for yourself. You did it because you don’t have your friends, you don’t have your army called PEDs. Lets get right to the point – called steroids! You don’t have it this time. So you worked harder. You wanted to make up for what you didn’t have. Psychologically and physically you want to go into that ring with full confidence and this is the way he did it.”

Never one to pull punches or mince his words, Teddy Atlas.

Not long to go now until tonight’s main event where all shall be revealed at long last in this highly anticipated matchup.