This Round 10 Exchange In Canelo vs Golovkin 2 Was A Thing Of Beautiful Savagery

Last night’s fight had a bit of everything for all types of boxing fans. Blood, guts, skill and some rather incredible chins displayed by Golovkin and Canelo. You’d wonder would a smack of an iron bar or baseball bat to their chins have knocked either of them out, such was their propensity to absorb what they were able to dish out in equal measure.

When you think of tough boxers in terms of grit, determination and an ability to overcome being hurt in a fight, names like Roberto Duran, Arturo Gatti, Steve Collins and Scott Harrison come to my mind straight away.

Last night Golovkin and Canelo showed their hardness once again but also some superb boxing ability at times.

Shot variation, selection, movement and adaptation mid fight, an excellent contest for the purists too.

One fan on Twitter pointed out a particular apt moment in the fight in round 10 that highlighted what a wonderful fight it really was:

Hats off, lads.

Bring on a third fight, surely.

These two guys have the type of styles that will gel well no matter how many times they fight.