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Golovkin Reacts To Bitter Defeat In Canelo Rematch

Gennady Golovkin must be heartbroken after a life time of work to get to this point to only have victory evade him once again.

Ultimately the plan for Golovkin was to not leave it in the hand of the judges.

Going into the fight he said if Canelo engaged him and didn’t run that he would knock him out.

Well, Canelo engaged him alright. He was right there in the middle of the ring and coming forward for most of the fight.

Golovkin could not knock him out however and the judges scored it a majority decision for Canelo.

Golovkin said after the fight tonight per ESPN:

“I’m not going to say who won tonight, because the victory belongs to Canelo according to the judges. I thought it was a very good fight for the fans, and very exciting. I thought I fought better than he did.” 

On the possibly of a trilogy fight between the two, he added:

“Under the right conditions, yes.”

Whatever happens next Gennady Golovkin can hold his head high.

He has delivered nothing but excitement to fans time and time again in recent years.

At 36 he’s certainly not finished just yet but it will be up to him on what he wants to do in terms of a third fight.

There’s no denying that many fans would watch these two in the ring again.