Carl Frampton Slams GGG vs Canelo 2 Decision Initially But Then Pays Respect To Canelo

Former world champion Carl Framtpon has been one of the notable names in boxing that has come out and disagreed with tonight’s decision in GGG vs Canelo 2.

It appears to have split a lot of people within the sport, in truth.

Canelo won a majority points decision after twelve rounds of action but it was a close fight in my view.

Indeed, it was a close fight in the eyes of many but there are also a number of passionate fans out there who believe Golovkin was robbed for a second time.

Here’s how Frampton initially reacted:

Here’s how he scored it in favor of three rounds to Golovkin:

Upon having a think about it however, he cooled down from his initial reaction and said:

Both guys showed incredible chin and heart to be fair.

You’d wonder would a baseball bat be needed just to knock either guy down.

One suspects that a third fight will happen in the new year.

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