GGG Coach Abel Sanchez’s Reaction To Canelo Loss Showed Class

Many were expecting Golovkin coach Abel Sanchez’ reaction to his fighter’s loss to Canelo Alvarez to be one of dismay towards the judges’ decision. Not the case however.

Sanchez had been very vocal on various issues in the run up to the rematch.

Not least the failed drugs test that Canelo had earlier this year which caused the rematch to be put back.

He also made comments about how he felt Canelo ran in the first fight and did not fight like a Mexican.

In life you learn a lot more about people when the chips are down compared to when they are flying high, I have learned.

Most people walk the other way of the street when someone is down and out in life.

But not everyone.

There’s an old saying, real recognize real. Sanchez falls into that way of thinking for me.

I was very impressed by the way he conducted himself last night when interviewed after Golovkin’s defeat.

Straight away he gave Canelo full credit, said he fought a good fight, said he fought in an exciting style like a true Mexican and even admitted that he scored the fight a draw.

He made no attempt to say the fight was a corrupt decision at all.

As the coach of the losing fighter this showed a lot of class and like most boxing fans, he was also candid in his enjoyment of the bout as a contest to watch.

You’d have to think we’ll see a part three in the future.

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