The Main Obstacle In The Way Of Mayweather vs Pacquiao Rematch Happening In 2018

Floyd Mayweather confirmed today that he will come out of retirement to return to boxing in December in a nine figure payday against rival Manny Pacquiao in a rematch. But’s there’s just one problem.

Floyd traditionally never leaves Las Vegas and certainly not the US to fight.

Manny Pacquiao in recent weeks has been reported to not be interested in boxing in the US due to a number of outstanding issues that allegedly are stopping him from fighting there at the moment.

So where will the fight go to?

Sure, both guys are their own bosses at this point and not obligated to anyone.

But the key question is will Floyd leave Las Vegas or the US period to fight Pacquiao?

Traditionally he’s never been open to that idea and this is a big stumbling block to getting the fight on.

Certainly for this year like he claims.

Unless Pacquiao were to change his tune of course and be willing to fight Mayweather in the US and be able to clear up reported problems currently stopping him from fighting in the US that is.

You’d have to think Mayweather would be the A-Side in negotiations too, with his promotional company at the very least being the lead promoter for the event if, say, he was to do a joint promotion between Mayweather Promotions and M.P. Promotions.

He’d surely want the fight on his home turf of Las Vegas.