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Mayweather Reveals Last Fight Of 2022

Some added new significance has been placed on the middleweight bout between ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan and David Lemieux this weekend.

The fight in itself saw two exciting styles collide at 160lbs anyway.

A bout between two men vying to get a shot at a world title.

But, on the eve of the fight the bout, that has now actually become a reality.

According to Golden Boy’s Eric Gomez the bout will now be an official elimination bout for the WBA ‘Super’ middleweight title.

A belt currently held by Gennady Golovkin who headlines the main event this weekend in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena.

O’Sullivan and Lemieux while not being particularly fond of one another on a personal note, now have further incentive outside of their grudge.

If it was even needed in the first place.

A world title shot in touching distance for the winner should make this fight incredibly exciting given the gun slinging styles of both fighters and added incentive.

At the final press conference between the two tensions nearly spilled over as caught on camera by the folks at Fight Hub YouTube (hat tip):

Following the shove O’Sullivan didn’t even blink there, just a steely glaze back at Lemieux.

The focus between both fighters seems to be laser-like at the moment.

Don’t blink in this one come Saturday night.

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