Golovkin Promises A Knockout Of Canelo If He Stands and Fights

Golovkin Promises A Knockout Of Canelo If He Stands and Fights

Gennady Golovkin is well and truly in beast mode at the moment. No more nice guy, just a cold, calculating, trained killer, ready to go to work on Saturday night.

Pound for pound Gennady Golovkin could very well be the most dangerous puncher in the world today.

He carries enough power in both hands to end anyone’s night in one shot – in the middleweight division.

He knows however that he is facing the most skilled boxer of his career once again in the form of Canelo Alvarez and that his power alone will not be enough on its own to get the job done.

He needs to cut off the ring and use his boxing skills before he unleashes the fury, so to speak

But he is promises to end Canelo’s night inside the distance if he trades with him toe to toe:

“This fight is the biggest level for me, 100%.  I am healthy and strong.  I had my best training camp.  I have the fight I want against the fighter I want and on the biggest stage.  Why shouldn’t I be happy?  If Canelo gives me a chance and fights like he claims he will, I will knock him out.  It is time for the Big Drama Show.”

This weekend’s fight will be live on HBO pay per view in the US and on BT Sport pay per view in the UK.

Photo Credit: Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions