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A unification between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford is a fight all boxing fans would love to see but it might be a while away just yet.

Both boxers are with rival promoters and TV networks at the end of the day.

To get around that obstacle there’s really only one way.

If the fight gets so big that the promoters and networks will come together or if the other one makes an offer too good to turn down.

Neither are likely just yet, which leads this writer to believe this fight could be at least two or three years away.

Speaking after Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter last night, Spence said:

“Me and Terence Crawford are on different sides of the street. Terence Crawford is with ESPN. I don’t fight for ESPN. I fight for Showtime and Fox. Al Haymon, you know what I’m saying.”

He added:

“I guarantee you if we check our tax reports at the end of the year I make more than him.”

Turning his attention to Crawford’s promoter Bob Arum, Spence said:

“That’s what Bob Arum do. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors with him and that’s what it’s like with Terence Crawford.”

What a fight it could be though.

One day.

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