Anthony Joshua Has His Car Stolen In London

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua, perhaps the most unlikely target for a thief you could imagine, has had his luxury Range Rover stolen from him.

An annoying distraction no doubt ahead of September 22nd as he makes final preparations at the Sheffield Institute of Sport with coach Rob McCracken ahead of a dangerous fight with Russian Alexander Povetkin.

The Mail Online have reported that Joshua has formally reported his vehicle.

A customized, brand new luxury Range Rover stolen that he received earlier this year.

It is reported that the vehicle was stolen from a relative of Joshua’s driveway whom the boxer had let use it while he was away training.

CCTV footage has been already found of the first suspect and Joshua is understood to be looking to hunt him down.

Why anyone would want to rob from someone who could deliver such a vicious beating to them is beyond me, but alas, there’s always one.

Joshua is thought to have loved the car, no doubt he’ll be buying a new one out of his fight purse later this month from his fight against Povetkin.

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